Top 3 Factors of Successful Websites

Web Content & Navigation Essentials

There are many factors that go into the development of a successful Web site such as content and good design for users and search engines.  This blog includes a few of the most important [Read more…]

WordPress Backups and Restore — For a Stress-free Event!

Concerned about WordPress backups and restore services in case of failure?

If not, maybe you should be!  WordPress backups and restore tests are crucial!

Everyone wants their party or event to go as planned, but not everyone has a backup plan. [Read more…]

Cooking in the Kitchen with WordPress – Tasty Web Design

@Tina Reed Johnson we love food and cooking up tasty Web sites!  Let’s take a look at recipes and an Internet marketing tool for creating your site.  Let’s onion, four cups potatoes.. Oh wait, sorry, [Read more…]

SEO Web Marketing — How to Design a Search Friendly Web Site

A client called today saying, “I’m just jammed. I’ve got all these people calling saying that they found us on Google.” We just started doing SEO (search engine optimization) [Read more…]