SEO Web Marketing — How to Design a Search Friendly Web Site

A client called today saying, “I’m just jammed. I’ve got all these people calling saying that they found us on Google.” We just started doing SEO (search engine optimization) on his Web site this week, but we designed it last fall.  The fun begins with SEO Web marketing!

What is SEO Web design?
This client’s comment shows that it pays to design a Web site on a search-engine friendly platform, and do keyword research for use in your content and links.  There is a lot to consider when building a new site, and these basics should be the foundation of your search engine optimization efforts, before you actually begin SEO!

We designed a new site from scratch using WordPress, which is a search-engine friendly content management system (CMS). This suited our client’s needs for a basic Web site perfectly.  Blogs and social media can be added easily when he is ready, and he can even update text and photos himself!

Search engines must be able to successfully “read” your Web site in order to index it. One of the factors in search engine “readability” is the structure and navigation of your site (the layout of your site and the way pages are linked together). Nowadays, most Web site platforms are built with search engines in mind, so it is generally easy to build a basic site with few technical problems in this area.

Implementing chosen keywords into your site is crucial if you want your target market to find it. For example, people searching for a travel agent in Pittsburgh are finding this client’s site. The reason? Because keywords selected for this particular Web site have been woven into the text, navigation, links and tags throughout the site.

There is much you can do to build upon a site for users and SEO, such as adding stories, photos, videos, and feeds to active social media profiles. If you have a blog on your site to regularly add new content then that is a big plus. The key is to regularly add quality content to your site that is relevant to your keywords and site topic, to keep people coming back.

Web Analytics
It typically takes several months to see the results of SEO after starting the process. Search engine optimization should be ongoing, not a project done overnight. It is a methodical process in order to improve your Website long term.

Patience and hard work is needed to increase Website traffic, but it is worth it in the long run. Check your baseline Web analytics and sales reports and see what’s happening! If you are not seeing progress, then it’s time to change it up!

Lastly, check out Andrew Goodman’s article “It’s the End of SEO as We Know It (and I Feel Fine).”  In the article, he talks about changes in the SEO industry and what it means to be on top of Web marketing in today’s Internet. Makes those Web analytics even more important!  But that’s another story…  😉

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