Top 3 Factors of Successful Websites Part II

SEO Web Design

We talked about Web content and site navigation in Part I of Top 3 Factors of Successful Websites.  Now we will talk about making your site available to the search engines! [Read more…]

Top 3 Factors of Successful Websites

Web Content & Navigation Essentials

There are many factors that go into the development of a successful Web site such as content and good design for users and search engines.  This blog includes a few of the most important [Read more…]

Social Media Tools – Stake Your Claim!

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Measuring in the Kitchen with Google Web Analytics & Open Source

Should I use the measuring cups or just guess-timate Website ingredients?  To improve Website content, navigation or search engine visibility you need to know what’s [Read more…]

SEO Web Marketing — How to Design a Search Friendly Web Site

A client called today saying, “I’m just jammed. I’ve got all these people calling saying that they found us on Google.” We just started doing SEO (search engine optimization) [Read more…]